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    This is my favourite channel. I especially like it when you explain everything so nicely. I wish you a lot of success with the channel and happy life.

  • Stephanie Bria
    Stephanie Bria

    It's great how this man enjoys doing everything from describing a phone to give aways

  • Storytime with Amy
    Storytime with Amy

    I’ve never used this brand but I’d be pretty amazing to win one of this and use it.

  • just Albert
    just Albert

    This is sooooo good! I still remembered when I got my 1st Smartphone, 1+3. That greatly was satisfying.

  • Stephanie Bria
    Stephanie Bria

    Your videos are amazing! This is one of the best tech channel in the entire YT . And you do crazy giveaways too. Keep it up

  • Jesper Kirial
    Jesper Kirial

    Would be awesome to see them go back to their roots and deliver a premium phone at a reasonable price. Have loved my 3, 3t, and 5t.

  • MrJust4lolz

    this is exciting. I remember when i bought my 1st oneplus device after graduating from undergrad. since then i upgraded once to the onplus 7 pro, and also bought 3 oneplus devices in total for my family when their old phones gave out on them. thanks unbox therapy for always keeping us uptodate and informed on the latest and greatest.

  • Patrick Bolkun
    Patrick Bolkun

    I've got a One Plus 6T, absolutely amazing! I'm hoping to upgrade to one of the five of these. Lets goooo!!

  • Stephanie Bria
    Stephanie Bria

    Can't wait to own one of these amazing Phones.

  • 93 Beruh
    93 Beruh

    I never know how to win a phone here 😂 a few years trying and watching them in an iPhone 6 with 67% battery lifespan. Keep doing the best content and I’ll keep trying. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down 🕺

  • Bengie Barsanas
    Bengie Barsanas

    Unbox Therapy give aways are always awesome. good luck everyone. 😊

  • Sparkz HD
    Sparkz HD

    Crazy how fast you’ve blown up, keep up the great work and great reviews!

  • Lhmcd 55
    Lhmcd 55

    Cool, I’ve got a 5T I’m still using. Been saving for a phone. 😀 Winning one would be fantastic though.

  • Matt Dominic Manipon
    Matt Dominic Manipon

    Thanks Lew, now you've made my day!

  • faisal rehman
    faisal rehman

    Great channel Great content go buddy keep entertaining us like this

  • ThirdEye Clarity
    ThirdEye Clarity

    I'm so mad that I lost my OnePlus One back then. I even had that bamboo styleswap cover and everyone was interested in knowing what it was. Now I use the OnePlus 7 Pro and I think it's one of their greatest phones ever.

  • ghost

    3 years ago I bought the OnePlus 6 after watching your review about it, and I'm still using it until today.

  • Dhruv Bindoria
    Dhruv Bindoria

    Watching this on a OnePlus 5. Still working like a beast. I think it will run for 5 more years 🔥

  • @YulinaDaniel

    OnePlus always surprised me when they release new style of their phone , until now.

  • Pizi

    I used to have a OnePlus, currently saving for a new phone. By far it has been the one i was most satisfied with and recommended to others. Great stuff 🙌🙌