The SUPER Smartphone of Your Wildest Dreams...

REDMAGIC 7 12G+128G Obsidian(Black):$629 | REDMAGIC 7 16G+256G Pulsar(Gradient): $729 | REDMAGIC 7 18G+256G Supernova(Transparent):$799 Product Link - | Sponsored by Redmagic.
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  • jaden Lyttle
    jaden Lyttle

    I feel like the black version is pretty sweet. That groove on the camera module look futuristic and you can see the inside

  • Xavier

    I need to get my hands on this one for sure that black see through is insane!

  • Ketan Jangid
    Ketan Jangid

    The way of delivering knowledge about tech is an art and Unbox therapy has full command in it 🙏🏻

  • Sarah🔥

    That is a beast. I think this is THE gaming phone that makes use of the full potential of the 8 gen 1 chip. Pretty cool!🤙 Definitely the maxed out version of course. Supernovaaaaaa

  • Hyzzer Medalle
    Hyzzer Medalle

    I want a glimpse of what it feels like using the phone for gaming specially in FPS games and moba games where you can assign the shoulder triggers in certain map location, score sheets or shop menu.

  • Ayaan Islam
    Ayaan Islam

    "You laugh at his gaming skills,He laughs at your bank account"

  • salvator_youcef

    Omg, dreamy smartphone, the specs are insane, it's basically a mini laptop redmagic keeps giving

  • VRS GAMEResearch
    VRS GAMEResearch

    Amazing how they are pushing boundaries. Now we could see the universe smoothly with that high refresh rate

  • Kyle Alfred
    Kyle Alfred

    My big concern with this would be compatibility, updates, and security.

  • Divine Nadon
    Divine Nadon

    Gotta go with the transparent SuperNova version, Great Phone!

  • Norbert K.
    Norbert K.

    I expected more the smartphone of my dreams have night vision, hologram projector, 500x optical zoom, Laser distance tracker, built in X-ray vision, Geiger-Müller counter, maybe even capable of teleporting.

  • V Y C K T U S
    V Y C K T U S

    I'll go with the 18gb supernova

  • Kelli Delfin
    Kelli Delfin

    Love the colors and design. I think I would go for the colorful one honestly!

  • JDanio

    i'm gonna go with pulsar version

  • Jaxs Munoz
    Jaxs Munoz

    This seems to be a badass phone to have!! 😱

  • Kaumba Chingonyi
    Kaumba Chingonyi

    Damn the see through design on the supernova looks insane.

  • Thakur gaming..
    Thakur gaming..

    I respect everyone who were involved in this , Seriously the best piece that I' ve ever seen on THmy ,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS !!!!🥀

  • Jujuu

    Nintendo Switch and Windows 11 emulation looks extremely promising on this device. Full or near full speed in many games.

  • Josh Daugherty
    Josh Daugherty

    Definitely the see through… reminds me of the Walkman or game boy and various other electronics they made before see through. Very cool.

  • Danilo Manlangit
    Danilo Manlangit

    Well designed built specific phone , will give you an upper hand vs other players and I really like the Transparent one !