This New Smartphone Has Something I've Never Seen Before...

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Reno7 Pro 5G (India version):
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  • Xavier

    I love that they include a case and a charger! apple, Samsung, Google needs to bring it back

  • ArmaaniiBoi

    I think my favourite feature is the design - this is a beautiful phone to me. No odd design elements, and everything just meshes so well together. Oppo did an excellent job on this one...

  • countereclipse

    What never fails me with Oppo is the beautification of Oppo. Even tho at times their products don't offer the best Megapixel compare to the others, the quality it produces will always impress me.

  • Rafael Kenji Nishihora
    Rafael Kenji Nishihora

    My favorite feature is the back LED implementation! The phone design is also very nice 🙂

  • Nathan

    That face unlocked is crazy, It would be my favorite feature if it wasn't for that led on the back! I miss having the notification led on my old androids and seeing it implemented in such a modern way is so freaking cool!

  • All about you
    All about you

    Love the design & light emitting from behind the camera. Really awesome . The UI is also updated. I'm happy that OPPO has always been upgrading everything with eahc of their release.

  • Divinish

    Honestly the back LED is something else, I don't know how other companies haven't thought about it.

  • Fawad Qureshi
    Fawad Qureshi

    I love how symmetrical the whole device is (with the exception of the camera unit ofc). Its just a good looking phone.

  • Bakare Omolara
    Bakare Omolara9 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา

    Oppo is always surprising me with their products I have always use their products still using it and they don't disappoint

  • Joe Murphy
    Joe Murphy

    Love the quick unlock recognition. Theyve set a new standard making every other phone seems slow and unresponsive.

  • Yash Nirhali Music
    Yash Nirhali Music

    Good midrange phone. I loved the led light there. That's something other companies should also try. Nice review!

  • Vijay Dhindale
    Vijay Dhindale

    Love the slim, beautiful design and that notification light in the camera module is genius!

  • Austin Howard Mauzar
    Austin Howard Mauzar

    I honestly like the sides that it's becoming more like the new released smartphones today but what I love the most is the LED light around the cameras because it looks cool. A little bit no for me is the face unlock because I don't think it's necessary to have a wide range for the face to be recognized but maybe focus more on the security on the software of ColorOS itself.

  • techwithjeff

    The reno series never cease to surprise!

  • Masoud Tavanarad
    Masoud Tavanarad

    I believe OPPO is improving with every single release. I liked the Camera layout a lot, the design is lovely.

  • Liz San Jose
    Liz San Jose

    totally loved the camera features. will be able to capture memories clear as water. :) Been a user of oppo since the F series and I think Reno 7 is the one deserving to replace my Reno 4. <3. Thanks for the tempting review!! Kudos!

  • Charllote Viernes
    Charllote Viernes

    The style, symmetry, and resistance to fingerprints is my favorite. The way it has square edges instead of rounded.

  • Alexis Tichko
    Alexis Tichko

    I love the design with the square edges and the screen quality. Yes I know, iPhone design but heck they didn't invent it themselves either. The glow area around the camera is also nice. The black one is the nicest but that's a question of taste

  • bilal Juma
    bilal Juma2 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา

    I just got this phone as a gift and let me tell you I'm not disappointed at all, this phone went beyond my expectation, 19 GB Ram + the breath light is just amazing 🤩.