Tesla Sent a Special Package...

So you're sick of waiting for a Tesla Cybertruck... How about a Tesla Cyberwhistle instead?
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  • Brother Teresa
    Brother Teresa

    Imagine you blow this whistle and your tesla self drives to you

  • FreeTimeFeats

    If you plant it and water daily you may have a full cybertruck before everyone else gets theirs!

  • Master0fHyrule

    That whistle sounded so good, it made me go deaf

  • Allon Guralnek
    Allon Guralnek

    "Made on Earth by Humans"... that's a rather interesting way to say "Made In China". Anyway, congrats to Tesla for finally delivering a cybertruck product to the public! And you don't even need a software upgrade that is promised every year to come next year to unlock it's potential: Full Self-Whistling!

  • pariꪜesh singh
    pariꪜesh singh

    Made by humans on earth, no one think about it except elon!

  • Kish

    My condolences to all those wearing headphones

  • Dare

    Smack an Apple logo on there and...BOOYA, you got the most innovative whistle ever created.

  • Fuse

    The loop was near perfection 👌

  • Sage Akporherhe
    Sage Akporherhe

    This was the perfect way to review it. 👌🏾

  • H E R O gAmEr
    H E R O gAmEr

    😆Finally a tesla product i can afford.

  • Dewanshu Chhatlani
    Dewanshu Chhatlani

    A pen drive like that would be cool!

  • Scott Middleton
    Scott Middleton

    i just bought the unbox therapy knife from statgear and cant wait to get it, im gonna engrave it myself

  • Hellp me rech 33k subs witout any Videoos
    Hellp me rech 33k subs witout any Videoos

    These videos is the thing we need

  • Nasser Daoud
    Nasser Daoud

    Dog proceeds to walk over.

  • Eduardo Motta
    Eduardo Motta

    Finally a short video with a horizontal thumbnail, thank you guys

  • SelenaMyGoddess

    Isn’t this your first short? Glad to see lew experimenting with other formats too ❤️

  • Jordan Leach
    Jordan Leach

    Still better and more functional than any of the overpriced Apple accessories 😂

  • Pelagius Tomàs
    Pelagius Tomàs

    Cool 🔥🔥

  • My Dime Is Up
    My Dime Is Up

    Oh I thought they were sending us our rights... our right to repair our own vehicles/appliances.

  • Anish De
    Anish De

    Thank god i opened the comments section first..... I might have saved my eardrums.. Thanks to all