This New Watch is Not What it Looks Like...

This is the Withings ScanWatch a hybrid style smartwatch with tremendous battery life. Thanks to Withings for sponsoring this video. 38mm ScanWatch is $279.95 | 42mm ScanWatch is $299.95
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  • Gabriel Levgran
    Gabriel Levgran

    I am someone who loves traditional automatic and hand winding watches. If I needed a new smart watch I would choose this. It’s simplistic and still feels like a watch instead of a phone in the wrist

  • martithon

    I have an older version, and it's great! The sensors are not perfect, but I like the fact that is a hybrid smart/traditional watch. No extra apps or whatever, just a normal watch face and some activity tracking.

  • DailyInsane

    I had a gen 1 or 2 way back in 2017 and loved it. I'm glad to know they are continuing to update and not compromise on the subtle design.

  • DeJon Tebought
    DeJon Tebought

    Have the Steel HR now and love the simplicity and battery life it offers and this would be a nice upgrade , but also holding out a bit of hope for a better Android smartwatch announcing this year. (ie pixel watch)

  • CBS

    I've had this watch now, for 6 months (Switzerland). I can tell you it's REALLY good. Battery life is tops (3 weeks - no problem).

  • Tre Battle
    Tre Battle

    I’ve had the Steel HR Sport for about two years and it’s great! I love the hybrid style and the functionality of it all and the blacked out details. The battery obviously will run down faster if you’re using it to record your runs, workouts, etc daily, but it still lasts a while!! Definitely recommend.

  • Ronster Green
    Ronster Green

    Just got a scanwatch myself, I love Withings' minimalistic style!

  • Nuloahc

    I used one of the first models. I've always loved their core concept. It's a classic timeless watch also contains smart capabilities. Hybrid watch is my favorite smartwatch.

  • Szőlősi Zsombor
    Szőlősi Zsombor

    My Withings Activité Steel is about 5 years now and it still works perfectly. The battery lasts about 6 months and I get compliments all the time about how good it looks.

  • Samson

    Got the Steel HR for Xmas last year. Exactly what I was looking for in a smart watch. Looks good, Un-intrusive and long battery life.

  • Javier Bastardo
    Javier Bastardo

    Excellent design as always from the Withings team, clean and to the point. Crazy to think that for a time Nokia had this brand and products under their wing and decided to sell it to the founder. Retrospectively, for the better.

  • William Newman
    William Newman

    Got the 38mm for Christmas and I have charged it 5 times since then. I wear it everywhere except the shower (though I am under the impression that I could wear it there as well). I love it. I also utilize the Body+ scale and the BPM Connect. I find the app easy to use and having all of my health metrics available as an exportable file to give to my doctor is super helpful.

  • Tyger Burch
    Tyger Burch

    That is a really clean looking smart watch and I like that it just blends in with the rest of your accessories. It doesn't overly stand out and scream tech but it still will turn a head or two.

  • El Buscón
    El Buscón

    Beautiful watch. You can wear it as though it were a traditional, mechanical watch, while keeping track of all your health parameters and workouts. Worn with one of Withings interchangeable leather straps, it looks and feels like a gorgeous timepiece with all the added bonuses of an advanced and medically approved health tracker. Impressive device.

  • Christian Aviles
    Christian Aviles

    Since I like new tech I jumped into smartwatches pretty early on, but after a while I kinda got over them. And one of the reasons was battery life. Usually OK when new but after about a year it tends to get pretty bad, unless you turn off things to conserve power and what's the point of having all these options if you have to worry about conserving power. Plus honestly I just like the way traditional watches look better. So I've mostly gone back to wearing traditional watches, particularly mechanicl watches, I find to be appealing in a retro tech way. I have a Galaxy Watch 4 but it's essentially a fitness tracker (hey i got a really good deal on it thank Samsung). This is kinda intriguing because it has the look of something more traditional but does quite a bit of tracking but the best part as mentioned is that its battery life makes actually useable without battery anxiety, like most smart watches.

  • Kay Khan
    Kay Khan

    A great review!! Thank you so much. I am a classic watch wearer and I think this is it for my everyday office wear. It is a gorgeous watch!

  • Julian

    Got this in September and I absolutely love mine. Good Battery life, I average prob. around 23-25 Days. Looks good and has a lot of good features

  • Adrian Lankenau
    Adrian Lankenau

    Finally the recognition that these watches deserve! Been using them since 2017...wear my Steel HR 24/7 love their stuff

  • AugmentedPixel

    I got a small watch collection and my favorite one is the self automatic hand winding and keep it on a rotating watch stand so it’s always powered!

  • Pastroni

    I've had it since it came out in Canada and I love it! I chose the 42mm black model. I charge mine roughly every three weeks, and I do record workouts five times a week. The breathing disturbances feature is what will use the battery the most as the spo2 sensor will work overnight, I keep that to "automatic". Unfortunately the Canada model doesn't have ECG yet.