The MODULAR Camera of your Dreams...

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  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    You are one of the few THmyrs who recognize their audience in the sense that if we want to “zoom to fill” on our notched iPhones, you are still dead center in our screen. Thank you for that.

  • Eduardo González
    Eduardo González

    Very happy to see the channel grow this much. Congrats on landing this product review + double interview. Amazing content as always. Keep up innovating in this medium!

  • Insta360

    Unbox Therapy AND Fabio Wibmer? That’s the Hall of Fame right there 🙌

  • David Ayen
    David Ayen

    I'm not a camera person but this is amazing. Great choice for bloggers

  • Jacob H
    Jacob H

    Finally… An unboxing video that’s not a phone! This is what I subscribed for!!!

  • Majok55

    Quite impressive small camera with insane features 🥺🥺 thanks for letting us know 👊🏼👊🏼

  • Matt Dominic Manipon
    Matt Dominic Manipon

    Great to see you unbox one of these cameras. More to come!

  • Sid Escano
    Sid Escano

    Great content! Its nice to see different device being review by this channel. You guys clearly explain a lot, far way different from other reviewer!

  • Anshuman Mishra
    Anshuman Mishra

    Amazingly setup that's incredible.

  • jason Chin
    jason Chin

    Great content 👌 love unbox therapy


    Damn this camera setup is AMAZING 🔥🔥🔥

  • BN9

    I have one of these and they record in pretty good quality and doesn't have over heating issues. However, the workflow needs to be more optimized. For some reason, these do not shoot in native mp5 or mov so you have to use your phone or a desktop application to convert it. Even though this is just ONE MORE STEP, it's very time consuming and stacks up if you are recording a lot. GoPro and other action cameras can shoot directly in mp4 or mov and that can be transferred and uploaded directly if you don't want to mess with post processing. With the Insta cameras, you have to run it through their software first, and then take the output and run that through your own processing once more. I believe they do integrate with Adobe Premiere and something else so if you use that, then you won't spend time on an extra step, but if you don't then it is very time consuming.

  • Jono

    Been a fan since 2017 when he unboxed the $10,000 golden like smartphone, I got to watch the blueprints of the iPhone 8 & X when they changed the design, unboxing of the Pixel, Galaxies and gadgets along the way, one of my favourite THmyrs of all time 🙏🏼🎬

  • Raghu rajput Vlogs
    Raghu rajput Vlogs

    I Respect Everyone who were involved in this , Seriously the best piece that I' ve ever seen on THmy ,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS ❤️❤️🧡🧡💛.....

  • Christopher Finn
    Christopher Finn

    Well there’s an idea for the whole hockey game thing he was talking about. In the same way that he parked it up behind his car there could also be some kind of a jacket or vest with a rig so that you can have the camera up behind you to see your every move. I’ve never seen anything like that as far as I know it would be a challenge to kind of get it to stays stiff and not flop around so much. On the car you can use amount with suction cups but it would be kind of bizarre to have some big thing behind you. But it would be cool to see. I guess you could have some kind of rig coming up on the back of the helmet but it would have to be carbon fiber or some thing.

  • Sunil Rai
    Sunil Rai

    Unbox therapy always bring awesome devices 😍❤️❤️

  • kamel saad
    kamel saad

    Today, the unbox therapy team presents to those interested in the field of cameras a wonderful product with various features and uses. So, thank you very much, unbox therapy.

  • Jeslynne Meryenn
    Jeslynne Meryenn

    love that invisible stick feature!

  • _israa4_

    This is impressive, great feature 💯

  • wilgarcia1

    Love my Insta360. Use it as a Dashcam on my bike. It gets every angle from my handle bar at once =D