WHAT is Sony Even Doing...?!

Sony's new LinkBuds are something completely different.
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  • Mike Gabes
    Mike Gabes

    For anyone wondering, these earbuds have, I think, the best voice call quality I've ever heard in earbuds. When I did a few test calls, it was actually insane how well they pick up your voice. 👌

  • Dippy twit
    Dippy twit

    The revolutionary part of this for me is the fact these are the first open-back in ear headphones… more than the being able to hear the world, which is still something I want as I can wear them at work but this means that the more audiophile companies have a new style to try to make a very high quality open sound from a in ear headphone


    Sony never disappoints. I'm really looking forward to testing these earbuds out.

  • CurryFriedSquid

    Marketing team: what's the budget for the unboxing experience?

  • BlackMambo5
    BlackMambo52 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา

    Whether these sound great or not is secondary in the grand scheme of things. The fact that they are innovating in such a ridiculously crowded space is what's important. Kudos.

  • Xavier

    Would honestly be interested to see if these would really fit my ears, almost nothing will actually work for me. The last time I can recall one working for me was the old wired earbuds that came with iPhones.

  • Donald Warren
    Donald Warren

    I have had these for a week, I am seriously impressed they sound great and are super comfortable, I also own every other high-end earbuds. These are my go-to buds now. My only complaint is the tapping which is hit or miss.

  • Krushna Kisan
    Krushna Kisan

    This is really insane. I never seen such type of tech product.

  • SpinnerXOXO

    I'd love these optimized for use with PS5. I always play with headphones, so I can't enjoy the Dualsense's speaker gimmick. With these, I could have both.

  • EricXDCool

    Been using these for over a week and its a whole different experience, battery maybe isn't that good compared to other wireless buds BUT the fit very well and you can barley tell they are there, they are a bit pricey but on sale they are a must buy!

  • Michael Catalanotto
    Michael Catalanotto

    I always appreciate the precise choice of words when describing products. Different perspectives explained. Very well done. Fun exclamations at times. I still have my mind wrapped around the one crazy time you went off about how which is the proper direction a person is to wipe their ass…. Lolz

  • punkrockmyk

    I gotta say, Sony did it again this time! One of the best buds I have at the moment..

  • rm

    I have them for almost a month now and love them.

  • Ranjus Ranjus
    Ranjus Ranjus2 ชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา

    Never been a big fan of in ear phones. But these are perfect. They fit well in the ear. You can hear the music clearly, and environmental noises without interruption. I went for a 17km run wearing them, and they made no attempt to pop out of the ears. I could hear the wind, the birds and dog noises. Perfect fit for a run or a walk

  • Zanteeh

    This is the techie equivalent of the one-side earbud to keep yourself connected to the surroundings

  • Y Y
    Y Y

    Using these since two weeks. They really changed my runs. Using in ears before was annoying because you hear the sound of your steps in your ears. With these i don’t. Yes they have a little bit less bass but for how they work, it’s great.

  • SammyT

    Samsung Buds Live had a similar concept when they came out back in 2019! I have them and I love the fact they don't seal against your ear canal, so they don't shut off the outside world, yet they provide a rich, crystal clear sound.

  • Jason Dranoff
    Jason Dranoff

    I agree in one of the videos I said how great they are someone said Apple has been doing it for years I said they're very different and the Apple ones aren't meant for that it's just their design cuz they don't stick in your ear these are specifically designed for here through listening they're fantastic if they fit your ear highly recommend them.

  • Eijiken

    Been using these for about two weeks now.

  • Smile シ
    Smile シ

    “Some kinda warehouse or distribution place” I thought the same thing. Safety issues occur when you wear regular earbuds in those type of surroundings and im pretty sure these will be perfect.