OnePlus 10 Pro Unboxing and First Look...

Here's an unboxing and early look at the new OnePlus 10 Pro.
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  • Hamxa Nawaz
    Hamxa Nawaz

    Oneplus peaked when they introduced the 7 pro. Only three generations later they've fallen off drastically.

  • Katherine

    Props to him for uploading even in the worst paying month of the year! Thank you, loved this unboxing!

  • Sam Mndl
    Sam Mndl

    OnePlus' only redeeming factor was Oxygen OS after it settled on having a premium range price and subpar hardware and performance. Sad to see it go. OnePlus has officially and completely died for me.

  • Tsr Rzf
    Tsr Rzf

    One plus went from " never settle " to " settle down " . The last one plus i've used and really enjoyed was the OP7 pro

  • AvS

    The best enthusiast phone ever made by OnePlus was 7 pro, it was ahead of it's time but now look where OnePlus has fallen now.

  • iKnowReview

    This one felt a lot like the old Videos and i love it!

  • Tafseer Rahman
    Tafseer Rahman

    Quite surprised seeing that they are still using "Never Settle" slogan although they have settled with Oppo💀🤦🏻


    My Oneplus 7 Pro is still going strong and even though I don't use it as much, it's still to me one of their best phones ever made.

  • Jonas

    I know it's a cliché thing to say but I really do miss the old OnePlus.

  • Marc Z
    Marc Z

    The OnePlus 7pro is in my hand still. No notch, everytime I show the pop up camera, people freak out and say they've never seen that before. I also like the camera in the middle back. Not sure about 10.

  • Katie

    Bless them for including both components of the charger.

  • Jacob Turk
    Jacob Turk

    I have an 8 Pro and I am in love with it. It feels like it was the first fully complete package from OnePlus, but it did sacrifice some of their charm. Only complaint is that I don't have a MicroSD slot, but who does nowadays anyway?


    OnePlus from "Never settle" to "Now we are settle"

  • Fidel Castro jr
    Fidel Castro jr

    Definitely looking forward to the 10. Been having the 7pro for 2-3 years. Absolutely loved it, until the updates this last year. Phone is still great, but the minor things (which I loved) were fucked. I was honestly glad stay away from 1+ since the 8 & 9 didn't seem the have much of a difference or appeal to me. But the 10 has me going at the moment.

  • Chuck Jackson
    Chuck Jackson

    (Based on the comment section) It makes me so happy that the Oneplus 7 Pro has become so legendary

  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke

    I used to love the HTC One great to see they're still putting them out 🔥

  • George K
    George K

    I know that possibly this is what OnePlus asked to be included in the video but there wasn't one mention that the camera hardware is actually worse compared to last gen and the latest devices, nor the new amagalmation between Oxygen and Color OS.

  • ctrlectrld

    OnePlus: "friendship ended with MKBHD and Dave2D, now Unbox Therapy is my best friend"

  • strawberry & Filip
    strawberry & Filip

    Thank you Lew for bringing such fun and great videos 💜💜

  • Cyrex12 136
    Cyrex12 136

    I think oneplus should go the way like asus with their phone brand, so the OS itself is color OS but there should be a option that you can choose a Android vanilla look/oxygen OS. That's the only thing I'm kinda worried about at the oneplus 10 series let's see how it will be.