Oppo Find X5 Pro is a SLEEK New Flagship Smartphone

Would you choose the X5 Pro in Ceramic White or Glaze Black?
OPPO Find X5 Pro - www.oppo.com/en/
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  • Xavier

    Oppo is gonna be like this in the next phone formats with that smooth camera format which is wild. 🔥

  • Josh Parker
    Josh Parker

    Oppo is killing it with design and function. Both the colors have positives, I don’t think you can go wrong either way.

  • Lanz Oliver San Antonio
    Lanz Oliver San Antonio

    I feel like the black version is pretty sweet. That groove on the camera module looks futuristic and feels like the phone is made out of chrome

  • Hans Opoku
    Hans Opoku

    Definitely gonna take the black, I'm just glad someone has decided to branch away from conventional camera designs and gone wild

  • Benji Don
    Benji Don

    The design and smoothness with the ceramic finishing makes this device stand out. I will definitely go for the White colour.

  • Hnrykylespdd

    Wow. That's my dream specs for a phone 😅 Great cameras, great display, flagship chipset, great protection, standard battery capacity and super fast charging.

  • Seidu Prukz
    Seidu Prukz

    Oppo find x has always been on my wish list, the find x 5 comes loaded with eye catching features 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • NPC

    Thanks for the video, but I really loved your videos more when you used your vast experience with phones and compare other phones, finding minute drawbacks, and just letting the viewers know that this one is not the best in the market.

  • John Dooley
    John Dooley

    That ceramic white just looks "special", more upscale

  • noob-ish noob
    noob-ish noob

    The Find X3 Pro looked Amazing.

  • Lucy Davies
    Lucy Davies

    Definitely the glazed black phone. Looks amazing & hopefully my next phone but I'm scared to look at contract prices 😂

  • Ochiro

    These are very clean!! I'd go for the white, cause I always choose dark colours. But I'd choose white this time!

  • stefandavison

    Oppo are coming in swinging. Including the Reno with that awesome light module

  • Nic Diesmos
    Nic Diesmos

    Everything is premium for this Flagship. Having that "nightography" feature as well, the ceramic body and those slick camera design folds. As for the color, I always go for white. Not as elegant as black but gives off the "clean" look.

  • Vitor Stein
    Vitor Stein

    The black is surreal, incredible! Would love to have one 😍😍

  • lavario miller
    lavario miller

    Ceramic white is just breath taking. Loved it the moment I laid my eyes on it.

  • Meng Meng
    Meng Meng

    Just amazing! Love this phone, very helpful review!

  • yano davids
    yano davids

    I would personally go for the black ❤️cos it looks beautiful ✨

  • Cwax Reviews
    Cwax Reviews

    wow, The design and smoothness with the ceramic finishing makes this device stand out. Love Oppo!

  • lavario miller
    lavario miller

    Oppos Aesthetics has been on another level within the past few months. I don't Normally like whit devices but I would rock the X5 Pro Ceramic White