This New Smartphone Will NOT Melt Your Wallet...

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  • NPC

    Big respect to you good Sir, for reviewing smaller brands as well! Your reviews are always complete, fair, usability-oriented. Certainly the best phone reviews on this part of the Galaxy.

  • Kiril Raychev
    Kiril Raychev

    Seems like good budget phone,as for the fingerprint scanner i prefer it side-mounted.I would still pick up a more well-known brand thought.

  • Marc-Hendrick Castor
    Marc-Hendrick Castor

    Side mounted fingerprint scanner are so underrated in my opinion. These new TCL smartphones look really nice

  • B Tarantino
    B Tarantino

    Great review as always. Huge fan of the + model, especially the design and that 50mp camera.

  • darshil patel
    darshil patel

    Thanks for the great and detailed review. Very few tech reviewers care to do such an elaborate video especially for low budget phones. 👍👍

  • Jo jo
    Jo jo

    Not a fan of tcl, I had the tcl 10 pro. Amazing for the price, but a lot of software bugs and hated the yellowish tint in auto mode of the camera.

  • DozenFaun

    I really Enjoy my 2 TCL phones, its about no brainer to get those phones rather than any apple, Samsung, LG, etc at the same price.

  • Vladan Mikic
    Vladan Mikic

    Using a TCL myself, it was really cheap and honestly it is pretty fine for the price.

  • Ray Caballero
    Ray Caballero

    Yes so like I said hopefully they can listen to me in the near future and makes these changes because I'd rather have a controller that last longer than have a controller that looks way cooler

  • Sufyan Ali
    Sufyan Ali

    Really love your reviews on gadgets. Great thing is you review cellular devices of all the price ranges in detail. Keep up the good stuff 👌

  • Victor Romero Martinez
    Victor Romero Martinez

    The price is very nice but I'm always iffy about TCL. It's one of those brands where you're like "either you love it or you don't". You can't be in the middle with TCL, much like ZTE. I frankly don't really like those two for their software lag and even more so their camera and video. Even if it's a 50mp, the pictures look 8mp when it's processed, and their video looks awful even at the highest resolution. It's not everything they say they are. I'm not convinced with their new line of TCL 30 phones. You're better off with a Redmi Note 11 or Poco X3 and One Plus Nord.

  • Aqkzz

    Thank you for the great review, Im looking into this phone for my dads birthday gift because I can only afford this price. Thanks for helping me

  • Majok55

    Thank for the coverage 🙏 but the things is not about what your budget can handle , but how long this tech can last 😁😁😁

  • Alex Nava
    Alex Nava

    Would love to test this model out. Seems like good value for money. Even if low light performance is not the greatest, it would be a good replacement for my father's broken phone.

  • CJ

    Ever since i saw the new Samsung S22 and S22+, I’m no longer looking to any android phones because of it’s beautiful design and what it makes more beautiful is the chin. It looks like an iphone and I’m glad that the bezels are so thin and by removing the chin, it’s even more beautiful. Hoping to get one of these in the future. Great review, Lew.

  • 10k challenge with 0 videos
    10k challenge with 0 videos

    This guy exudes such a positive energy that he tends to lift everyone's spirit ❤️

  • Inspect The Gadget
    Inspect The Gadget

    Great review as always 👏 😀

  • usman abdulkadir
    usman abdulkadir

    Amazing unboxing keep it up as always Sir

  • Just Brian
    Just Brian

    Oh good, I was looking for a phone that wouldn't melt my wallet. Thanks!


    Considering the features and today’s expensive mobile market.. it’s a Christmas miracle❤️ I don’t know if TCL will ever get to read this but thank you for such an amazing device!!