This Tiny Gadget is a VPN for Life...

The Pico is a tiny hardware VPN (P2P DPN) that doubles as a DPR crypto miner.
Sponsored by Deeper Network.
- $9 off $149 Pico+Adaptor Combo:
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy


  • FireTheHoker

    Finally an old school unbox therapy video with a cool gadget instead of the gimmicks they've been showing lately.

  • Cartercus

    Finally. A hardware VPN. As much as I like being chained to a subscription service this option seems right up my street.

  • Sebastián Cavolina
    Sebastián Cavolina

    Now, this creates a lot of security concerns. What measures are there in place to prevent another pico user to break into your local network when you're sharing your bandwidth?

  • Antony Justus
    Antony Justus

    Its actually innovative. I can't wait to see the future of this device

  • Christos Menicou
    Christos Menicou

    On an interview, CMO stated that the OS of the devices is going to be open-source, at a later stage. Anyone with coding skills will be able to inspect what the device is actually doing and how it works. That is some good news to hear.👌 Anyone who wants to do illegal activities must be stupid to do it through a device that logs every connection and can be shared at any moment with everyone, authorities and online

  • irweezyy

    Helium = decentralized mobile network

  • Vishwa K
    Vishwa K

    PRIVACY ALERT: This product, while innovative, raises plenty of questions without solid answers. If you connect to one of the nodes, it logs all traffic and because its open source, someone with a bit of technical knowledge can monitor your traffic (or all traffic connected to that node). You can also run network captures to potentially identify and monitor traffic. Deeper may have taken care about this to some extent, however, I would NEVER feel comfortable connecting to a node hosted by some random person. I would rather be happy to use centralized VPN services (with my own private encrypted DNS) who can be accountable or auditable - with Deeper, you cannot audit or verify any of the users hosting a node and that is a BIG concern for me. If I don’t want to use a centralized VPN, I will host my own VPN servers in the cloud - its really easy and cheap. These are just my thoughts, you are welcome to agree or disagree! :-) Peace \m/

  • H Han
    H Han

    Maybe I can address some of the concerns that everyone is having for the security risk when using the hardware. You are definitely right in saying that there is certain form of risk involved when it comes to network sharing. The deeper mini and the deeper network is still in its infancy and developmental stage and I trust that the developers will continue to work on improving the security of it (I was present in some of the developer meetings).

  • Caleb Pearson
    Caleb Pearson

    Hard Questions:

  • Action Crypto
    Action Crypto

    I've been taking about the Deeper Network for months!

  • Dark Light
    Dark Light

    I got my eyes on this but imma wait and see where and how some of its capabilities are going to end up.

  • Griffin Garrett
    Griffin Garrett

    Been using one of these bad boys for a few months now and its worked flawlessly, also its only going to become faster the more devices are online.

  • Moss

    Such a interesting hardware and features that come with it 🤔

  • Arnold B
    Arnold B

    I have the mini since the whole project launched (mine is good as I was an early adopter and does earn a lot more dpr than the ones you can buy now ). Nothing but good experience with the company, Eric and the device is fast, reliable and keeps my home network safe seamlessly. The fact that it earns 60 dpr per day for me is a bonus. Love it

  • Mobbs

    This sounds awesome. I've been considering buying a VPN capable modem for a while, but this has a good few advantages

  • Salvinho Sn
    Salvinho Sn

    Great idea...tho it might take time to mature but I bet will become one of hot techs of the near future.

  • Umph

    This company could theoretically get a lot more of your personal data than a software VPN with this device that is de/encrypting data and inserting advertisements. I would like to have heard more about their privacy policy to be honest.

  • Farhan

    I invested into them also! I received my device last week. Still yet to test it out but I’m so glad this product exists!

  • fsecond

    Interesting. Love to know this kind of non-review tech products more often~~~