LG MiniLED vs LG OLED - Which One Should You Buy?

This video features an LG 75-inch 8K QNED MiniLED and an LG 88-inch 8K OLED. Which TV tech would you buy? Sponsored by LG. For more information on LG QNED Mini LED TV: bit.ly/LGQNEDMiniLEDTV_75QNED99
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    MiniLED or OLED. Which do you choose and why?

  • soupistasty5

    MiniLED is by far my choice. You'd think cost is my main deciding factor, but I put that at a very distant 3rd. The top 2 reasons for me: 1) Brighter image 2) Less glare.

  • SpawnPoiint

    OLED wins my vote. But the QNED (MiniLED) is very impressive.

  • Jason Boyce
    Jason Boyce

    OLED for me. Just purchased my 65” LG C1 a few months back and it’s so amazing. The deep rich contrast and black levels are some of the things that sold me. It’s great for gaming, having 4 hdmi 2.1 ports, and for cinematic type video the images pop. Best TV I’ve purchased

  • James King
    James King

    It would be interesting to see how these two technologies stack up against the latest laser ultra short throw projectors.

  • Stephen Mysko
    Stephen Mysko

    I’ve seen the miniLED next to the OLED at Best Buy. Only in the most extreme conditions of black to white edge contrast can you notice the OLED perform better. But you need to have them side by side. If you have the miniLED in your home you would think it’s OLED. It’s that good. Brighter and no burn in. When they make a 55 inch model I’ll be getting the miniLED

  • Black Aesop
    Black Aesop

    I have a LG CX 55" and I'm happy w/ it. I know things will get better but for now I get 120hz gaming on my PC and it looks beautiful. Price for the new stuff is to wild to upgrade for a good while.

  • Leroy Anderson
    Leroy Anderson

    Great big screen pictures on both!! I think, for my small space and little bit of outside light I get inside, a 55" OLED. Still the Mini looks a lot better picture wise.

  • Timothy McVeigh
    Timothy McVeigh

    I've used both. The miniLED tech is so close now that I believe the perks of the QLED allow it to shine over the OLED panels. My vote is QLED for my use cases.

  • Brent Bourgoine
    Brent Bourgoine

    Reminds me of the great Plasma vs LED debate. Plasma was expensive and heavy, but had much better blacks and generally better contrast. LED was less expensive and much lighter, but had grayer blacks, worse contrast, and some models had weird streaking issues that didn't seem to be present on the equivalent plasma models. LED ultimately won out as the tech got better/cheaper, but I loved the picture on my plasma set for movies.

  • Pietari Savola
    Pietari Savola

    I've had that z9 for six months now. My eyes are customed to it by now.. I've got to say, that movie experience during lockout was close to IMAX-level with 4K streaming. You can sit within 2 metres from the screen and it is perfect. Seeing backlight LCD outside premium premium range now seems odd. They've always been pretty good, but now they seems pale and grayish. Samsung Q9 8K that has been my main refference (I got my z9 at the same price than 85" model) would be great except on one big factor that troubles all backlight tv's: Subtitles. I am customed to use subtitles on all my material, since for me english is a second language. Subtitles ruins dark scenes with back glare. On less-expensive models it might fill the whole middle section on the screen, eben on more expensive models it glares out a lot. Changing subtitle color to yellow and using black bar behind them helps a bit, but does not take the problem away complitely. This is not an issue with Oled. MiniLED from LG is something I've never seen in dark room. My main take is that if your main use of tv is in an environment that is always bright, LCD is propably better. If you want to experience picture as it was ment to be in a place that can be dimmed, OLED is a better option.

  • Robin

    I’ve had a 55” OLED for a couple of years and it still impresses me every time I watch it. Hands down the best TV tech and no burn in for me at all, even with a lot of THmy and PS.

  • Tom Pike
    Tom Pike

    I have the LG 65C1 and while it is fantastic, I do kind of regret not getting a miniLED TV instead. The display often does not feel bright enough for the room that I have it in.

  • Dragonorder18

    What I'd like to see next with these TVs, is better framework and handling. I think they're just looking a bit more fragile with how much they've slimmed down.

  • MikeJ F
    MikeJ F

    Last year we bought a 55” LG NANO and my wife was very impressed, under $600.00. Till these come down more I can’t justify it. Great video.

  • Shubhankar Sharma
    Shubhankar Sharma

    I have the LG Oled G1 gallery series. Needless to say the picture quality is just mindblowing. The real factor was the form factor of the tv. The slimness just sealed the deal for me.

  • Matthew

    I had an LG 55” OLED and it suffered from image burn in while watching shows on THmy TV. It was mainly station logos in the bottom corners, for instance if you watched the news for any period of time. I’ve heard things have improved, but it makes me lean toward the miniLED screens for that sole reason.

  • Justin Grall
    Justin Grall

    A while back I wanted the 77" LG C1 OLED but again the cost was and still pretty much is a lot. I ended up getting the 75" Hisense U7G for the 120hz refresh rate with gaming and I'm extremely impressed with the picture quality compared to my 55" 3D Panasonic TV that I was using before it but when I got the 3D TV 4K was pretty much just coming out and it was more expressive then but I will probably get an OLED of either LG or Sony in a few years but watching this video the mini LED looked better with picture quality but I'd have to view them in person to get a better feel of them.

  • StudyMD

    Is this worth it if you only watch THmy Netflix or stream on websites?

  • Lull InTheStorm
    Lull InTheStorm

    Id be more concerned about the Burn in possibility on OLED. So, I think I want the miniLED.