Apple Just Did it Again...

I hadn't planned on sending Apple more money at the moment...
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    I've been buying Apple products since 2002. I like some of them and don't like others. For example, my favorite phone right now is a Galaxy Z Fold 3 or S22 Ultra. It's possible (preferable (to me)) to mix and match products/brands in spite of what these companies would have you believe.

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith

    I havent enjoyed Unbox therapy as much in the past year but im happy to see you getting back to the basics and actually unboxing new products and talking about them.

  • Honest Reviews
    Honest Reviews21 วันที่ผ่านมา

    This is definitely my favourite video of Unbox Therapy for 2022. Seeing Lew in his most honest and sincere video to date is amazing. 😌👌🏻

  • PhoneBuff

    We got the base model as well as the M1 Ultra version, and honestly I think the base model is more than enough. We've been editing 8K footage without any hiccups on Premiere Pro, and it's still surprising how quiet the thing runs.

  • Kashton Richard
    Kashton Richard

    I’ve been watching your videos for years and to see the real studio walk was something I never thought about. But it’s definitely good to see you doing videos.

  • Hasni Brahiti
    Hasni Brahiti

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how well the Apple website is designed???

  • Aditya

    I found " About the size of an average birthday cake" more accurate than "2 mac mini stacked on top of each other" mentioned in other videos.

  • Sean Pugoy
    Sean Pugoy

    I’ve been watching unbox therapy since 2016! So nice to see Lou maintaining his physique and the upgrades the studio got. So happy to still witness the greats of all the tech reviewers!

  • Josh Alexander
    Josh Alexander

    I like the way you broke down why you bought it. I like seeing your thought process. Usually you don't dig into products like this, you usually just glaze over them and state the specs

  • Lopez Lopez
    Lopez Lopez

    He did it IN PERSON! Wow! In person! He actually went to a store! And found his way back! He, being so important, didn't send one of his assistants! He went himself! I cannot believe it!

  • Julien Allard
    Julien Allard

    Every other reviewers: This is like a thick mac mini...

  • Jaspreet Maan
    Jaspreet Maan

    lew enters the apple store,

  • kevin ivory
    kevin ivory

    I remember being really impressed with the series X box. Nicely put together.

  • Adrian Castillo
    Adrian Castillo

    I started watching this channel back then when he was still unboxing cheap 3DS docks. Happy to see a classic unboxing vid again 🥰

  • Daaaapo

    I love that you got the base model and didn't go for the trendy "all-out" version. Shows people and consumers that splashing the most cash on these ridiculously expensive products.

  • Caleb Panza
    Caleb Panza

    My personal favorite UT video in recent memory. Enjoy the new Studio Lew! Can’t wait to hear the follow up after you’ve been using it awhile.

  • Junnu Naumanen
    Junnu Naumanen

    You missed the ”shock absorbed” base the computer was sitting on in the package :D it’s crazy

  • Jordan Carbine
    Jordan Carbine

    I got the M1 Macbook Air and am very happy with. Got the base model and just store extra stuff on external hard drives, but even with the base memory I have not had problems with running out of storage

  • Konark Pareek
    Konark Pareek21 วันที่ผ่านมา

    You know Apple's been doing things right lately when you see Lew has started to appreciate them just a lil more than old days. haha it's been idk maybe 5 years as a fan. Keep up the good work.

  • Ian Berg
    Ian Berg

    The studio looks like what I imagine medium-sized meeting rooms at Apple's circular headquarters on One Apple Park Way in Cupertino look like. :-)