How Did Apple Just Release This Product?

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    Unbox Therapy

    Who would you recommend an iPhone SE to?

  • Xavier


  • scbaman

    A lot of my older relatives (65 plus) just upgraded to this from iphone 6-8 one word: home button. Older people seem to prefer physical buttons. And apple made it identical to the 7-8 form factor so the same cases and accessories work perfectly. This product isn’t for you or me or most techies or young people, but there is a market for this product. Apple of all companies would never have made this product if there wasn’t enough demand for it.

  • Derrell Connor
    Derrell Connor

    I just bought one 2 weeks ago. “Upgraded” from the 8+. I love it so far. The reason why they made this phone only 2 years after the se 2020 is because of 5G. The phone carriers wanted Apple to make an entry level phone that’s 5G compatible. I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned in these reviews.

  • Lloyd Johnson
    Lloyd Johnson

    This device is great for business. I’m a mobile device manager for my organisation and its a fantastic option that allows us to easily configure good devices whilst keeping costs down. It would be a bad move for us if they discontinue this device.

  • TriforceFX

    I’ve been using the “cheap” iPhones for years and was planning to upgrade to the new SE… but I was honestly expecting them to change to the XR form factor or something like that. Instead, they kept the old design and still increased the price. I guess I’m holding onto my current phone for a while longer.

  • Benjamin Uloko
    Benjamin Uloko

    I’ve watched tech reviews for years and the bigggest takeaway I had to realize is that the reviewer and the viewer live in two different worlds and even though a certain product might not work for their lifestyle doesn’t mean it won’t work for me and my lifestyle . So thank you Unbox Therapy for always keeping it real with us.

  • Robert Luten
    Robert Luten

    I work in telecom retail and we see there’s still enough interest in iPhones like the SE and mini variants. Some people still really value the form factor with TouchID and don’t want a whole new design without a home button and the whole swiping up to get to home or recents. Now I think everyone can get used to those features but people like what they like, and the SE is well liked

  • Tang Wai Jeffrey
    Tang Wai Jeffrey

    I think a lot of companies (like mine!) buy the iphone SE as work phones for their employees as its the cheapest iphone all while having good internals (which means it will last longer)

  • Stark

    I bought the se3 as a slight upgrade to my se2 that recently started having trouble charging. I am not fond of the bezels, but love the touch id. The battery, 5G, (better speakers?), and processor make this phone sing in comparison to its predecessor. No overheating, no screen dimming, and it’s just a pleasure. Oh yeah, I’m 31 and don’t feel like I’m missing out with this phone

  • Jackson Johnstone
    Jackson Johnstone

    Lou I've been watching you since I was like 11 years old, when the studio was just you, a table, and a black background. It's been really cool watching this channel grow up with me. Thank you for being such an inspiration ♥️

  • Psibug

    I finally moved on from the 8 to the 13 Mini. I liked the 13 but I have pockets but 6.1” is still a large phone screen in reality and just tips the phone in to uncomfortable. The Mini is hand and pocket friendly. And battery life is also stupidly good.

  • l2etranger

    It’s the perfect device parents should offer their children. Though archaic, the chosen technologies should make it easier for kids to typically fix their iPhones if they haven’t lost them already. As a sustainable entity following a growing recycling mission, Apple is still standing by its brand philosophy, so those buyers will have to figure out getting protective solutions by themselves during that shopping spree.

  • DingerDonger

    This would probably be a good company phone. It's cheap and capable. With the Apple-ecosystem you can perfectly set-up a corporate infrastructure, and for employees it doesn't have enough battery life to play games with it while at work :P

  • Karl Adrian
    Karl Adrian

    I see this as a good phone for companies that want to buy phones for their employees, because of how they have a budget when it comes to such things, but from a normal user's standpoint, they could just save the extra $100 and opt for a 12 pro or a 13

  • 00o o00
    00o o00

    For me, it actually does great as a work phone ... small, does all the necessary, fingerprint sensor allows me to unlock apps without having to pick up the phone off the desk. I have been using the iPhone 7 for 6 years and still runs perfect. I will upgrade to the SE when it gives up the ghost or runs out of security updates. For reference, my personal phone(s), I have 13pro and a Galaxy Note 10.

  • LexAnimal

    The play I think will be, drop the mini and use the SE as the “mini” and fit it nicely with the rest not too many features but keeping it low price as the main concern. The SE+ would also help fill any other gap in the line up of $100 increases. Who knows?

  • travisaurusrex562

    We got my mom an SE like 2years ago because she still had like an iPhone 6 and was refusing to upgrade, so we got the phone with the closest form factor with updated internals

  • Nevaloud

    They’re great for companies to buy in bulk. We use them at my job.

  • iupdate

    The studio keeps looking cooler