Samsung's Unusual New Gadget...

The New Samsung Freestyle is a unique projector form factor that allows you to project content almost anywhere. Sponsored by Samsung.
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  • Jeremy's Cheat Day
    Jeremy's Cheat Day

    It is not everyday I've been interested in a projector but since I seen the commercials, I was very very interested to see how this would work. I want to see this work in a variety of conditions in real life.

  • Alienrace

    I wish you mentioned the brightness in lumens, the resolution, and whether the colours look washed out. But the ability to auto adjust the image from any angle is definitely a huge leap forward in the technology. Do we know yet if the device is capable of drawing power through the socket adapter?

  • Adrian

    I hope they make it capable to connect it to a console. It'd be nice to play games with this projector.

  • Emil Aubry
    Emil Aubry

    I love Samsung. They always invent things that I didn't know I needed

  • Abdullaha Mughal
    Abdullaha Mughal

    The product is very unique, would have never thought that Samsung would make a projector. Great video as always.

  • Username • 15 years ago
    Username • 15 years ago

    I don't have a TV in my bedroom so I am very interested in this. I can project to any wall I want and watch. Can unplug it and bring it to the kitchen, bring it with me on a trip or anything. Projector but so small and so convenient to set up. Definitely a fan

  • Mohamed Abdullah
    Mohamed Abdullah

    Giving credits to the team fellow in Lew way is something good.. and we appreciate.. grow bigger and together.. everymans hardwork takes you to 18 mill subscription.. congratulations team..

  • ctedz

    This would be great for my students in my class. We have projectors we use, and to focus to get clear pics and finding space is very hard. This would definitely be a game charger for work. I could change classes and take it with me to different rooms, especially now during this pandemic period.

  • Techriot - Tech Tips & Guide
    Techriot - Tech Tips & Guide

    I was really waiting for the unboxing or review of this projector! It's really very portable and easy to operate! I will definitely buy one of these. Cheers.

  • Hk

    This is just wow . Perfect accessory to fit in the room to have ps5 late night sessions .

  • Edoardo Zone
    Edoardo Zone

    Looks convenient to have auto keystone and whatnot. A bit expensive perhaps? I'd love these devices to drop in the 500 dollar range.

  • Mugen- R
    Mugen- R

    Depending on few factors this has potential for physical tv's to eventually be phased out.

  • WPIManiacMagic

    Im mostly curious about the bluetooth ... I burned through probably 10 different portable projectors and many price ranges. So many had blue tooth issues, delays in audio, terrible sound, etc. I eventually swttled on a more expensive version and had to run a wire to my bose revolver.

  • mouloud boukhalfa
    mouloud boukhalfa

    Never thought that I'd want a projector and knowing that I don't need it! 😂

  • Allen Han
    Allen Han

    As much as I love Samsung and usually love Unbox Therapy. They fail to mention there are portable projectors out there at twice the capability and half the price of this gimmicky projector, all in one portable projector is not a new thing.

  • RiotHelix

    My only gripe with these is the loud fans required to keep it cool.

  • Paul Davis
    Paul Davis

    At 500 lumens you're going to need a basically pitch black room for that to be a good picture. Realistically using this in anything other than the dead of night outside is pretty unlikely

  • Morten IndiabloX
    Morten IndiabloX

    What they should do is pair them up, so that you can put 2 “together” like one in each corner pointing at the same wall, and you get either 200” or double the lumen!! THAT WOULD SELL!!

  • pichej22

    I had decided to reserve mine but then discovered from other THmy content creators that the features of this projector are lackluster for the price compared others available on the market.

  • rm

    Usually I'm not a big fan of Samsung products but this is very cool.