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  • Jeff Bezos
    Jeff Bezos

    Its amazing how he was able to talk about literally nothing (and I don't mean the company) for 30 minutes

  • Dominic Cellini
    Dominic Cellini

    I think Lew's reaction at

  • Eman 👑
    Eman 👑

    They’re taking apple’s approach to beat apple. Tbh I’m excited I’ll try the launcher. Maybe someday I’ll finally switch my secondary (yes secondary I can’t leave apple ecosystem coz I’m already invested so much) phone from moto edge 30 pro to nothing 🌚.

  • David Allen
    David Allen

    That felt like a bunch of nothing lolol. I hope they do well

  • OLAT

    It’s great to see a company at its humble beginnings

  • Grant Finlay
    Grant Finlay

    I zoned out about halfway and started thinking about my old Nokia 3210. Loved that phone.

  • vishwajeet rai
    vishwajeet rai

    love that he was so transparet about every thing.

  • Marco Chavanne
    Marco Chavanne

    I am not going for it unless its an all screen display. The 7 Pro was peak Android

  • Muzi Mahlangu
    Muzi Mahlangu

    Nothing products are definitely the next big thing. The dedication, so humble and grateful.

  • Osman Mohammed
    Osman Mohammed

    Great stream unbox !?? I wish yo have one nothing ear (1) . great staff from Carl pei !? Say hi to the guy and keep on pushing eventually it will be a great brand worldwide !?. Just love from me to all who prepared the event . great show

  • Alex Demerjian
    Alex Demerjian

    The problem with building an open ecosystem is that products naturally don’t work as smoothly together. You have to account for every other product in the tech industry which is unrealistic (you would have to have developers assigned to each 3rd party company to make sure their upgraded software works with any OS updates that you put out). Also, I’m not seeing anything radically innovate as far as the phone side goes, so I don’t see anyone leaving Apple for this. But, I could be wrong so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • NPC

    I like the compatibility promise. I wish they can build up on the cloud computing aspect as well. We were promised way too much with cloud when cloud computing was first teased, but we ended up short expensive subscriptions where you can lose data if you don't renew, which is disappointing. Also way less than promised.

  • rob bennett
    rob bennett

    I really hope this is the next oneplus, but DANG the nothing youtube channel has fyre festival vibes ALL over it.

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime

    I feel like I’m in the Tron universe. His voice, the way he speaks, and not to mention the music. Everything is pushing towards that type of theme

  • Nosa Bourdy
    Nosa Bourdy

    The company stands by its brand name!!

  • B Rad
    B Rad

    I’m kinda interested in there phone and there products moving forward. I just hope that they make something like an iPad and how everything interacts with apple products. I’m looking to move from apple

  • Hennie Visser
    Hennie Visser

    it feel like this guy is speaking to Lew. All the excitement for new launches, new products faded away over the years. He know your pain and is about to fix it :)

  • Eagle Bear Morgan
    Eagle Bear Morgan

    It was literally nothing! AHAHAHAH Total Apple piss-take. LOVE IT! They aren't doing anything special except design and marketing. Exactly like Apple. All hype; bland tech. This is brilliant capitalist performance art. AHAHAHAH

  • Paul Maine
    Paul Maine

    Not sure I like the thought of an open system, there’s lots of scammers and hackers out there nowadays 😱

  • Hey

    I am disappointed with the hardware/software like the connectivity from the Nothing Ear and the app is too mininal. So I’m really sceptic about the OS, even though I really like the design and the ethos behind.