They'll Never Know What's in the Box...

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  • Jacky Zhou
    Jacky Zhou

    Most delivery people won’t spend time talking to a box or try to figure out how to open the box. They are just too busy and they’ll probably still drop your package on your porch.

  • E. S.
    E. S.

    this only works if the driver "chooses" to use this. You depend on someone else to use your product . Soon we will see a new mechanism that allows a different door that just swallows the entire package by just placing the item on top. That would be better.

  • Pace

    LPL is gonna have a field day with this one

  • Crest-xo

    One major improvement would be able to close it remotely or after a set time of being open, just in case the delivery person doesn’t fully close it or whatever else might happen.

  • George

    I love the "show" that you put on these videos. It's so entertaining. Even if the actual gadget/thing doesn't interest me I like the whole show of a video.

  • RiGo

    If I order a second Smart Drop will it fit into my first Smart Drop?🤔

  • Swag Gaming
    Swag Gaming

    When the smart drop gets stolen when it gets delivered😂

  • Noel Noble
    Noel Noble

    It would be nice if it automatically closed after being open for awhile or gave you option to close it remotely. 💀cause you never know what may happen out there in the wild.

  • C Bob
    C Bob

    Delivery drivers literally drop packages and run. Trying to get them to use a 2 way chat when they drop off your package will be near impossible.

  • Sunny Ost
    Sunny Ost

    Since the couriers will just leave your packages on top of it anyways, they should make a box that "swallows" the package all by itself instead. Now that would be a smart delivery box.

  • Shinra Co
    Shinra Co

    Damn I love to be in France for his delivery system : if you not there the delivery guy keep the package and send a message to find out how you want to get it back or you can send the package in a "mondial relay" to get it back.

  • Crazy prayingmantis
    Crazy prayingmantis

    I got one of these delivered to my house but someone stole it.

  • Yevhenii Ponomar
    Yevhenii Ponomar

    like any courier would care about it or talk to the "smart" box.

  • Mohammed Jhalodwala
    Mohammed Jhalodwala21 วันที่ผ่านมา

    i think it would also be awesome if you could remote close it, incase the person forgot to close the lid. having that remote close feature would make it perfect

  • Luxtab

    Could have a slide lid so items can just slide in. Two way process could take much time

  • Mozer Ismail
    Mozer Ismail21 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Ok, now Deliveries Box 2.0 - I want this thing to be on wheels, sitting by my community mailbox and I want it to wheel itself over to my house when I get mail

  • Katherine

    Looks really interesting as a concept, but I wouldn't dare try one until they get widely used.

  • Darryl C
    Darryl C

    We all know the delivery driver holding his pee to finish his route is just gonna plop the box on top of that thing

  • DesirableHemlock

    If you’re truly concerned with valuable packages being stolen get a mailbox at your local mail office or any UPS store

  • tech

    Anything so expensive I can't lose and can't be at home to receive right away I just set for pickup. It sucks but it gives me that security sense. But this could be interesting. My concern is what incentive a delivery person has to use this?