You've Never Seen a Laptop Do THIS...

This video features an unboxing of the new ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 and ASUS ROG Zephyrus S17 RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 gaming laptops. Sponsored by ASUS.

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    *Note - These are pre production units so unfortunately I was unable to play any games on them at this time.

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    1000th like lets goooo

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    Happy 18m subs

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    when will they be available .



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    I'm your big fan sir . where is my prize?

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    I dont like this type of cooling system dust can mess up with keyboard...

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    For everyone who can't get the two screen zepherus duo lol 😆

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    Over acting and over rated channel . This channel is going to shit👎

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    😍Can you throw it outta the screen?

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    ROG gaming laptops should come in a 30.0 in. safe transit (Pelican type rugged) case made from state-of-the-art CNC fabricated one piece solid titanium & vault grade steel!!! with integrated hot formed ballistic armoured steel plates that'll protect the case against small arms (0.9 MM & .45 S&W fire) & 7.62 X 51 MM armour piercing rounds!!! even a couple of incendiary grenades as well for that matter!!!

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    My goodnes graicos

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    Wow it's good in my lessons hahaha sorry I'm a student

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    Now this is called a company comeback

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    I hope i have this one :( for my Online class please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 Your Fan from the Philippines

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    Pov: you watched a puzzle thing more than a my goodness gracious laptop 🙂

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    This guy is so boring

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    This is a beast!!!🔥🔥🔥😱😱

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    Now ik how Bruce Wayne garage get into his passive income 🤪.

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    I have already had that kind of experience on the bottom of the screen part of my screen when it was broken by my little sis

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    super laptop

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    My Goodness gracious

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    I really need that but I don't have the money

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    i have seen a laptop do this before 😑😑😑😑

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    Aside from the 17 inch laptop which is very awesomeee. For me the best part is the legos!! Where the logo can be madddeee!!

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    I liked your special coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.

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    My goodness gracious

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    I just love looking at things i can't afford.

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    Nonsense accessories - fan gift 😑😑😑

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    my goodness gracious what a beast.

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    Just take my money!

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    @Iloveislifee ID

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    Twetter I'd

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    Yes i need this for studying

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    I'm gonna trade so much crypto / stocks on this thing

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    I think MKBHD is better than unbox therapy; thoughts😌

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    What I like his impressive 🎭

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    My goodness gracious

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    2:43 they put all that effort into the box and he still says “Awww the plastic”

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    Keep in mind, Lew had to pay someone to build legos at work.

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    ASUS are on the other level!

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    My goodness gracious!!

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    Does it have a fingerprint scanner ?

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    Everyone:Man, I want that second one laptop! Me:Man, I want that rog lego!

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    OK, I've had my daily dose of "My goodness Gracious" you can stop now Like seriously, LOL😆

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    I wish I wasnt poor cause my precious goodness that laptop

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    where can i get those cards please?? that is super awesome...

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    2:15 the way he said what just sent me

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    Oooh - la - la ♡ beast

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    I never win anything lol @__j.s.n__

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    s17 looks like an amazing laptop.

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    Great Vid @haroon_nyle

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    I love your videos

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    Asus: “available quarter 2 2021” Umm... it’s nearly july.

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    Are u giveway this to indians also?

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    Yes, I did.

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    My goodness gracious @cherrysidharth

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    Nice design and great @dead_shot_01

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    Ok is this a video about laptops or about boxes?

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    Can you make a review later about the standby: While doing handbrake: (video encoding or just downloading large files) -set M16 to never sleep -set screen timeout (turn off screen after 2m) -then wait... When the screen turn off after 1 more minute check your fans is it off? *asus stupidly turn off fans on intel variant (like the M15 and many others with Intel 8th 9th 10th gen product) *win registry hack to enable S3 Standby won't work asus bios will overide to S0 Stupid Standby. *install coretemp app to see the cores temp while monitoring it. **this is known issue for years on their Intel variant... (and they don't care) you gonna be stuck with stupid standby on $xxxx laptop... 😁

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    My goodness gracious !! Its hotter than previous one karanGa13591456

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    Awesome laptop @Praveen51825699

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    m y. g o d d n e s

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    Bro can you sit in a confined space it feels like you are alone in that big hall

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    why intel AMD is better and cheaper.

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    I missed the brushed metallic look. this is absurd.

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    It’s “eww” on the outside but “ooh” on the inside

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    I want that Soo bad but it will never happen

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    This may be the best looking laptop i've ever seen

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    Lew opens a box just a freaking box Lew: My goodness gracious.

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    imagine using this at the Saharas desert.

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    Plz share the iphone 12 “brown” carbon fibre case used in this video.

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    4:04 don't put your hand that hard.that hurts

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    How this screen survive when +90C hot air constantly blows right to the screen?!?!?!?!? Screen replacement marketing going on there?!?!?!?

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    Was that an iphone?

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    A bit Zeus

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    Cool video talk to tech

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    love from BD

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    You haven't reviewed Samsung Tab S7 or Galaxy Book Pro's.! I hope you aren't influenced by Apple Co. Cause since you and Tim gottogether. U have been giving apple unnecessary promotions. Also there's only few Samsung videos after your reunion. Still big fan though😅! Hoping you would atleast review Galaxy book pros.🙌🏽

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    It’s is fine if he is influenced by apple, he probably won’t review the galaxy books since their not popular

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    A dislike for " my goodness gracious"

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    Would've been nice if it was a removable Bluetooth keyboard

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    😎 I'm buying this tomorrow; in my dream😩

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    And Apple keeps saying they are innovative 😒

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    Carlos Alberto Reyes Ramos


    @Tick I think where apple shines is their products integration, you can use an Iphone and then go to a mac and you don't lose data. About the interfaces, I usually prefer windows, probably because I'm used to it.

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    They’re not but apple is just “complete” and is generally an easier user experience. If people were only looking at numbers then androids would kill the iPhone

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    Jakeccoleman twitter handle