Nissan is BACK...

Thanks to Nissan for partnering with us on this video, excited to the see more of Thrill Driver!
Also thanks to Monaco Motorcars for supplying the Datsun 260Z
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    OLD IS GOLD.!!💯❤️🔥🔥

  • Emir

    Dude, you're reviewing cars from time to time now and that's awesome, but we wanna see you drive these sick cars too man!

  • Snipe Gaming TV
    Snipe Gaming TV

    wow! hopefully one day I can have one of this 🔥

  • Old School
    Old School

    I worked at a Datsun dealership in the late 70s to early 80s. I was there when the first turbo rolled in. I love these cars an got to drive a few

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young

    Love it, Lou. I had a 74 260Z when I was 17. Took EX girlfriend to get her drivers license. Let her drive home. Yep... Totalled it... Currently restoring a 73 240Z (same color) with my son. Fun project to work on when he visits from college. Definitely inspires me to get back to work.

  • Ketan Jangid
    Ketan Jangid

    I love these auto tech content by you ❤️

  • SpawnPoiint

    Oh damn! This is NICE! I used to have a 350Z ~10 years ago, loved that thing.

  • Katherine

    Love when he does cars! Is there anything this man can't review?

  • Olivier Bertrand
    Olivier Bertrand

    As a designer, the Nissan Z platform has always been my second favourite sport car design next to the 911 series from Porsche. My favorite Z has to be the Z32 by just a little over the S30 (240z) I never liked the modern Zs as much as the older Zs but the Z33 had a cool side profile and the z34 is meh to me. But this new Z (still called z34 (not 400z or z35) has a design language that represents every generation of the Z in its details, even the katana line is back. I can’t wait to see it on the roads.

  • Joshua Pradeep
    Joshua Pradeep

    There's something about those vintage cars, music, movies, tech 🔥❤️

  • Js Hooper
    Js Hooper

    Watching Lew take the action figure out of the box like...."Noooooo!!!" But then I remember I'm on Unbox Therapy. 😝🤣

  • snarkyguy

    I had an even earlier Z-car, the 240z. Loved that car! It was a great 2nd car but not a good 1st car. It was notoriously difficult to start on a cold day, didn't want to cooperate with the grocery run, and often had mechanical issues...but I loved it.

  • rickenfatania

    The Z cars of the late 60s/ early 70s are some of my favourites of all time. The newer ones don't have the same affordability or design elements. Although other manufacturers have taken the mantle and you still see the influence in other non sporting models like the Nissan Juke.

  • Michael Rodriguez
    Michael Rodriguez

    Definitely love vintage type of cars which includes this one. 🔥

  • Ursox

    unbox therapy was one of the first channels i watched on youtube and i think it’s pretty cool to see how far this channel has come


    Man I wish these types of car designs came back. I love the design of sport cars and muscle cars from the mid 60s and 70s

  • beefbmx

    doesnt anyone else LOVE how tech and cars just go together so well?!

  • Isa'ako

    I feel like I want to subscribe again lol love it when he does car reviews !

  • Moymoy

    Hope we can get more variety of product/ item reviews. I get that the podcast is kinda their focus right now. Maybe the other member of the crew can do the unboxing if Lew is too busy.

  • Omar Rosario
    Omar Rosario

    My uncle had one that he had to restore completely. I remember when he first bought it. It had holes in the floors, it was a total rust bucket and it didn’t help that it was like dookie green color with brown rust. The end product was a beauty when it was completely restored.